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Amir vows to be better human, and cricketer
Uzair Baloch custody matter hangs in limbo
World Bank approves $50 million loan for Sindh’s development
Security concerns: Anti-measles campaign fails to kick off in D I Khan
Rabita committee praises traders, industrialists expressing solidarity


Shiv Sena demands removal of word ‘secular’ from Indian Constitution

MUMBAI: Following a quarrel over a Republic Day advertisement by Information and Broadcasting Minist ...

PM Modi fires India’s foreign secretary

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has fired the country’s highest ranking diplomat and r ...

Obama to request hike in US military budget: officials

WASHINGTON (AFP) – President Barack Obama plans to ask for an increase in military spending in ...

Drug convicts from OZ, Brazil, France to face firing squad soon

Attorney General HM Prasetyo said on Wednesday that five death-row drug-trafficking convicts from Fr ...

Magnitude 5.7 quake hits off northern California coast

WASHINGTON: A magnitude 5.7 earthquake struck off the coast of northern California on Wednesday, the ...


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