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Sindh govt decides to arrest Arbab, Jatoi
D.G.Khan: Five armed persons enter in Khayaban Colony
In parting shot, Obama prods India on religious freedom
Americans still confusing Sikhs for Muslims: study
MQM claims 35 workers killed extra-judicially, dozens missing


In parting shot, Obama prods India on religious freedom

NEW DELHI: US President Barack Obama weighed in on one of India’s most sensitive topics as he ...

Americans still confusing Sikhs for Muslims: study

AFP_WASHINGTON: More than a decade after 9/11, Americans who come across a turban-wearing Sikh are s ...

Facebook services restored after brief outage

Agencies Facebook services were restored on Tuesday after what appeared to be a brief outage. Earlie ...

Obama ends day of Indian pageantry with $4 billion pledge

NEW DELHI: US President Barack Obama ended a landmark day in India on Monday with a pledge of $4 bil ...

US woman drowns puppy in toilet to get on plane: report

Washington: A Florida woman allegedly drowned a two-week-old Doberman in a US airport toilet because ...


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