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Pak-Afghan leaders discuss border security at GHQ
New York braces for monster snowstorm
Karachi: Car crash claims two lives, two injured
Karachi: 3 gang war accused killed in encounter
Assets case: SC permits Zardari’s attorney to cross-examine NAB’s witness


New York braces for monster snowstorm

APP_NEW YORK: Authorities in northeastern US warned Sunday of a fast-moving winter storm that could ...

Malaysia Airline website hacked by group claiming support for IS

AP_HONG KONG: The website of embattled Malaysia Airlines has been hacked by a group proclaiming supp ...

Obama to be guest of honour at India´s Republic Day parade

AFP_NEW DELHI: Barack Obama will become the first US president to be chief guest at India´s Republi ...

Unrest claims 11 lives in Egypt on uprising anniversary

AFP-CAIRO: At least 10 protesters and a policeman were killed in unrest in Egypt on Sunday as the co ...

Nuclear breakthrough reached after Obama, Modi talks

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama announced they had reac ...


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