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MQM lashes out at Choniy as he changes statement on Rangers’ Raid
Jameel Yousuf irked over politicization of CPLC
PM chairs meeting on Energy and National Action Plan
Attackers storm high rise Libyan hotel
‘Army not to abandon Fata without restoring peace’


Attackers storm high rise Libyan hotel

TRIPOLI (Monitoring Desk) Gunmen attacked a hotel in Tripoli on Tuesday where Libyan government repr ...

Two freedom fighters, two troops die in Indian Kashmir gunbattle

SRINIGAR (Monitoring Desk): A brief gunbattle between rebels and Indian government forces on Tuesday ...

Pakistani among three beheaded under new Saudi king

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia on Tuesday beheaded two more of its citizens and a Pakistani, continuing the st ...

Obama to bolster crucial Saudi alliance amid Mideast unrest

RIYADH(Monitoring Desk): U.S. President Barack Obama arrived in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday to pay his r ...

Obama leaves India for Saudi Arabia

AFP_NEW DELHI: US President Barack Obama left India for Saudi Arabia on Tuesday after a three-day vi ...


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