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Sarwar dismisses rumours of joining PTI
PTI to hold local bodies elections in May: CM Khattak
Gas pipeline blown up in Dera Bugti
IS claims beheading of second Japanese captive
Five notorious gang war accused killed in shootout with Rangers


IS claims beheading of second Japanese captive

Beirut: The Islamic State group said in a video Saturday it had beheaded a second Japanese hostage, ...

Ban Ki-moon urges Pakistan to ‘redouble’ counter-terrorism efforts

NEW YORK: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemning the attack on the Imambargah in Sh ...

Egypt declares Hamas armed wing ‘terror group’

CAIRO (Monitoring Desk/Agencies): An Egyptian court on Saturday banned the armed wing of Palestinian ...

India tests long-range missile from mobile launcher

AFP_NEW DELHI: India on Saturday succeeded for the first time in using a mobile launcher to test-fir ...

Bangladesh cuts power to opposition leader Khaleda Zia’s home

AFP_DHAKA: Bangladesh authorities on Saturday cut the power to opposition leader Khaleda Zia’s ...


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