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Djokovic masters Raonic to reach Australian Open semis
Will fully defend formation of military courts: Pervaiz Rasheed
Dr Kaleem elected Quetta Mayor by obtaining 54 votes
AIG Karachi claims arrest of Dr. Shakeel Auj, Sibte Jaffar’s killer
Pakistani squad in New Zealand is fit, media manager rejects rumours


Lebanon’s Hezbollah claims attack on Israeli military

AFP_BEIRUT: Lebanese Shia militant group Hezbollah claimed responsibility on Wednesday for an attack ...

Rebel killings of 44 commandos test Philippine peace deal

AP_MANILA: Philippine officials asked lawmakers Tuesday not to withdraw their support from a new gov ...

Madagascar storm death toll climbs to 68

AFP_ANTANANARIVO: Sixty eight people were killed in the tropical storm that battered Madagascar over ...

India sends foreign minister to China after Obama visit

AFP_NEW DELHI: India’s foreign minister will travel to China this weekend, New Delhi said on W ...

World must prepare for ‘war’ against a global pandemic: Gates

Berlin (AFP) – Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates says the world must use the lessons from ...


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