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India launches biggest ever rocket into space
Suicide bomber kills policeman in Afghanistan
Judges meeting convened for implementation of death penalty cases
Four new polio cases surface in Pakistan
Mercy plea of 17 death row inmates dismissed


India launches biggest ever rocket into space

AFP_BANGALORE: India successfully launched its biggest ever rocket on Thursday, including an unmanne ...

Suicide bomber kills policeman in Afghanistan

AP_KABUL: An Afghan police officer was killed and another three wounded on Thursday when a suspected ...

Cuba, US to revive diplomatic ties

AFP_WASHINGTON: The United States and Cuba moved to end five decades of Cold War hostility Wednesday ...

Palestinians seek Arab backing for UN resolution

AFP_UNITED NATIONS: The Palestinians on Wednesday sought Arab backing for a draft UN resolution that ...

US announces ‘historic’ thaw in Cuba ties

WASHINGTON: The United States on Wednesday announced a “historic” thaw in relations with Cuba, s ...


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