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Obama’s visit to India will help reduce tension in region: Sartaj
35 terrorists killed in North Waziristan air strikes
Nuclear breakthrough reached after Obama, Modi talks
Bomb explosion at Nasirabad transmission line triggers electricity crisis
K-Electric restores electricity to 95pc area in Karachi


Nuclear breakthrough reached after Obama, Modi talks

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama announced they had reac ...

Obama begins landmark visit to India

New Delhi: Barack Obama on Sunday began an unprecedented second visit to India by a serving US presi ...

Thirty-four die in Bangladesh vote protest violence

AFP_DHAKA: At least 34 people have died in Bangladesh and scores have been injured, most of them in ...

World leaders head to Saudi Arabia to meet new King Salman

AFP_RIYADH: Dignitaries and leaders from around the world were to arrive in Saudi Arabia Saturday to ...

Obama cancels Taj Mahal visit to go to Riyadh: White House

AFP_NEW DELHI: US President Barack Obama will cancel a planned trip to the Taj Mahal, cutting short ...


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