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Vehicle hits mine in Dera Murad Jamali, kills five
Superintendent Adiala Jail refuses to execute death row convict
Kashmiris shuts as India observes Republic day
Pakistan start World Cup preparations on losing note
China vows to help ‘most reliable friend’ Pakistan


Kashmiris shuts as India observes Republic day

SRINAGAR/MUZZAFFARABAD (Monitoring Desk): Kashmiris on both sides of the Line of Control (LOC) and a ...

Giant asteroid set to buzz Earth, poses no threat: Nasa

CAPE CANAVERAL: An asteroid measuring about a third of a mile (half a kilometre) in diameter will ma ...

Turkish court orders Facebook to block pages insulting Prophet (PBUH): media

ANKARA: A Turkish court has ordered Facebook to block a number of pages deemed insulting to the Prop ...

Rain fails to dampen cheer as Obama attends India parade

AFP_NEW DELHI: Rain failed to dampen spirits at India´s Republic Day parade Monday as Barack Obama ...

New York braces for monster snowstorm

APP_NEW YORK: Authorities in northeastern US warned Sunday of a fast-moving winter storm that could ...


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