Tue29 Jul 2014

Price hike starts right before Eid

Posted on 2014-07-26 05:18:26

Hafiz Muhammad Aziz-ur-Rehman
HAFIZABAD: Despite strict monitoring of selling of fruit and vegetables at the whole sale market, pre-Eid hike has begun and the prices of all kitchen items have increased since the past three days.
Even the rate of soft drinks has increased by Rs5 per 1.5 litre bottle.
According to FAO (Food And Agriculture Organisation), global food prices declined during the past 3 consecutive months but it is surprising rather unfortunate that the prices of food in Pakistan had gone up during the past three months due to wrong policies of the government.
According to authentic source most of the perishable items were always stocked in the cold storage by the powerful capitalists to create artificial scarcity to
Moreover, the Ramazan Bazaar has been surrounded by about a hundred pushcart vendors and they, in collusion with the powerful TMA officials, sell inferior quality items and fleece the consumers. These pushcart vendors have occupied the whole Fawara Chowk and Vanike Chowk and have created traffic troubles beyond the control of the traffic police.
As a matter of fact, Ramazan Sasta Bazaars have failed to provide desired results.
They further pointed out that by holding such bazaars, from constables to DPO, clerks to DCO, provincial ministers, advisers and secretaries remained busy on monitoring and visiting the bazaars in their respective areas, consequently official work suffered a lot causing great hardship and inconvenience to the general public during the whole month.
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