Malik offers legal assistance to Arjumand

ISLAMABAD (NNI): Former Interior Minister Rehman Malik wrote a letter to Arjumand Azhar, offering legal assistance to fight his dismissal from job. Arjumand, who forced Rehman Malik and MNA Dr. Ramesh Kumar off a PIA plane, was sacked by his employer Gerry Dnata allegedly over political pressure. In his letter, Malik suggested that a parliamentary committee should be formed to probe the matter. “I was saddened to hear your dismissal from job,” he wrote, adding that your sacking based on a video was unjustified. The company, he continued, cannot fire you without serving a show-cause notice. Meanwhile, Pacesetter Arjumand Azhar denied receiving any letter from Senator Rehman Malik regarding his removal from the job. Talking to a private television channel Arjumand said that he had left the matter to the Almighty. “I request Senate’s Chairman to launch an inquiry into flights’ delay,” he said. He said that the Senate chairman should also assess the losses being caused by frequent delay of PIA’s flights. Arjumand’s clarification comes following reports of Rehman Malik’s letter, in which he offered his legal assistance to Arjumand to probe this issue.


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