MoI assigns extra guards for MPs

Kabul (Agencies): The Afghan Ministry of Interior has assigned extra protection force to particular MPs which has provoked some other lawmakers to complain and call it unnecessary. A Wardak MP, Sediqa Mubarez, questioned the size of the police unit guarding the MPs, calling it needless. Another MP from Farah, Sarwar Usmani, disclosed a list of MPs who are being escorted with more than 20 bodyguards. ?Haji Almas [Zahid] has 20 bodyguards, Younus Qanoni has 29 bodyguards, Mawlawi Enayat Ateb has 23 bodyguards,? MP Usmani said while reading a long list. But, the additional protection force was considered as necessary by some others, including MP Fawzia Kofi of Badakhshan. She said the increasing level of security threats requires additional security arrangements for the parliamentarians. ?Due to security threats, apart from four bodyguards, two three more bodyguards have been assigned to the MPs, there is nothing wrong with it,? Kofi said.


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