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Airlines haven’t changed flight paths after ‘baseless warning’: Azeem
Federal Govt sends C-130 for Rushing injured to Karachi
EU Parliament to extend support to Pakistan in fight against terrorism
KPK Govt to provide protection for students, says minister
Misbah ruined my career: Kamran Akmal


White House declines to call Afghan Taliban ‘terrorists’

AFP_WASHINGTON: The White House on Thursday declined to describe Afghanistan’s Taliban as a te ...

Indian woman who alleges rape sues Uber in US court

AFP_NEW DELHI: A woman who alleges an Uber driver raped her in the Indian capital has sued the onlin ...

Car bomb, rockets kill 26 in Egypt’s Sinai

Cairo: Militants fired a barrage of rockets and set off a car bomb Thursday killing at least 26 peop ...

Armed man interrupts Dutch TV before being overpowered

The Hague: An armed man disrupted Dutch television on Thursday evening when he entered the building ...

US-led air strikes hit IS targets in Syria and Iraq

WASHINGTON: The United States and coalition partners launched six air strikes against Islamic State ...


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