Exhibition kicks off

ISLAMABAD (APP): A group exhibition of paintings featuring the artworks of six leading artists, Abid Hasan, Abrar Ahmed, Akram Spaul, Mohammad Ali Bhatti, Masood A Khan and Rind opened here at gallery6 on Wednesday evening. The exhibition titled 'Usual Unusual' presents the artwork of these six acclaimed artists deviating from their usual iconic styles along with those that most of art lovers are less likely to have seen before. Abrar?s paintings, usually deal with women while using spontaneous strokes,. The images are traditional miniatures with faces that are highly stylized images of women with elongated necks, expressive eyes and hands. Birds, jewellery, flowers and the moon are additional adorning features that Abrar Ahmed incorporates into his pieces. Abid Hasan plays with effect of chemicals on silver and gold leaf applied on canvas which is a laborious, multi-stage technique. The result is scintillating pieces that are nothing short of visual statements. His work is reflective of his imaginative intelligence and skillful ability to execute this. In this exhibition the artist is also presenting paintings that employ mix-media. There are faces incorporated into abstract symbols in bright hues. Akram Spaul is a realist painter known for the accuracy and detail with which he makes his paintings look like photographs. He usually portrays scenes from ordinary lives, painting mundane objects bringing attention to their beauty usually ignored. His oil paintings show a piece of furniture, a door, a window, washing area; infusing detail that brings it to life and brings our own routine activities into focus with stunning beauty. In this exhibition, besides painted windows, he has ventured into landscapes and a painting depicting fluttering Pakistani flags. Rind is associated with sensual depictions of women wearing bright colours and ethnic jewellery. Viewers also find the hues, motifs and moods of his native Rahim Yar Khan in his paintings as well as poetry by Faiz. However, in this exhibition, Rind surprises visitors by presenting a painting of an abstract face in bold strokes and colours that differ from his usual palate. The face depicted is not even particularly feminine. The painting marks the beginning of a new series by the artist where he is communicating emotions with a new vocabulary. Masood A Khan's paintings are known to art lovers for the unique way in which he depicts scenes. Whether depicting a scene from a village, a city or still life, he visualises and accurately captures in faint colours what lies behind material barriers. The viewers get the feeling of having x-ray vision that can penetrate through walls of cement or wood, masterfully created by the artist using transparent washes of water colour, acrylic paint and ink and charcoal. With five works in his usual style, there is an artwork done by him in a totally different medium: grout used in masonry, which is a mixture of water, cement, sand, gravel and colours. The appearance of artwork is like that of painted three-dimensional rock, but it maintains the effect of transparency through different objects. Bhatti captures the persona of those who fascinate him. He feasts on the subtleties of dynamic compositions, synchronising colour tones and textures. He has converted simple expressions into complex by striving to define and attain the values of the background, the shadow shapes, the darks, the lights, and the transition tones. Curator of The gallery6, Dr Arjumand Faisel,while commenting on the exhibition said, "These six leading artists have iconic styles that are very popular in the art market. This unique exhibition presents their paintings in their usual styles along with those that most of art lovers are less likely to have seen before. I found these paintings in their studios, and found them to be absorbing and powerful compositions." The exhibition will continue till November 2.


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