Pakistani boy becomes youngest ever Microsoft Certified profession

Pakistani boy becomes youngest ever Microsoft Certified profession LONDON: Ayan Qureshi, a Pakistani boy living in Britain has become the youngest ever Microsoft Certified profession at the age of six years and 11 months, according to British newspaper. According to report of the Independent, with a mastery of gadgetry well beyond his six years, Ayan Qureshi last month became the youngest-ever certified Microsoft Computer Specialist. It said, Ayan was five when he took the exam at Birmingham University, toppling Pakistani Mehroz Yawar who passed the exam at the practically ancient age of six and a half. Ayan was born in Lahore, but the family, including his mother, a doctor moved to London in 2009. His younger brother was born the UK in 2011, the report said. Last month, Ayan successfully created a computer network, connecting two PCs, two laptops, one switch and a router. He said he was thrilled to find that the devices could ping each other, and that data could be transferred from one to another. He installed and configured Windows 8 and 8.1, partly following training videos, partly listening to his attentive fatherís tips. He worked hard to get to that point, studying and practicing for around two hours every day for five months, the paper added.  


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