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260 suspected terrorists arrested in Quetta
Pakistan wants relationship on basis of mutual respect: Fatemi
Nation resolved to win war against terror at any cost: PM
‘Pakistan air traffic safer one’
Ban Ki-moon urges Pakistan to ‘redouble’ counter-terrorism efforts


Ban Ki-moon urges Pakistan to ‘redouble’ counter-terrorism efforts

NEW YORK: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemning the attack on the Imambargah in Sh ...

Egypt declares Hamas armed wing ‘terror group’

CAIRO (Monitoring Desk/Agencies): An Egyptian court on Saturday banned the armed wing of Palestinian ...

India tests long-range missile from mobile launcher

AFP_NEW DELHI: India on Saturday succeeded for the first time in using a mobile launcher to test-fir ...

Bangladesh cuts power to opposition leader Khaleda Zia’s home

AFP_DHAKA: Bangladesh authorities on Saturday cut the power to opposition leader Khaleda Zia’s ...

US pledges vital strategic relationship with Pakistan after Obama’s India visit

APP_WASHINGTON: The US State Department said on Friday that the US has strong relationships with bot ...


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