Benefits of terrorism


Terrorism in Pakistan has cost the country economic downfall, social distraction, political weakness, religious fundamentalism, international image distortion, increased security risks, worst law and order situation, mass killings, suicide bombing, sense of insecurity and has made the whole nation paranoid with fear and terror. However, even the adversity brings wisdom and so is terrorism for the whole nation. Terrorism in Pakistan has brought certain benefits for Pakistan and the Pakistani nation.
After the incident of 9/11, United States of America waged a new war named War on Terror. For the purpose she needed Pakistan as a frontline ally in the US-led international coalition’s war against terrorism. Since 2002 the US military assistance to Pakistan at $13billion dollars is two-times the economic assistance it provided to Pakistan. According to the British newspaper Guardian’s active database documenting, more than $40.4 billion have been provided to Pakistan for economic assistance since 1948. However it is a separate debate whether Pakistan made herself benefited enough by this financial aid or not. Pakistan should also had a stance of ‘Trade not Aid’ in past or should take it in future for long term benefits.
Society acts and reacts like a living human being. Where this social menace is shattering the whole social fabric of a Pakistani Society, it is also serving as a teacher. The people of Pakistan are gradually being disillusioned by the so called nationalists and religious fundamentalists. They are getting through an intense war like situation where they could learn to sustain and to deal such kind of crisis. It is a question, future would decide, how much this nation will learn.
Pakistan was remained isolated in international community when the War on Terror started. Nuclear explosions in 1998, Kargil misadventure and military coup had disturbed Pakistan’s position in international politics. Common Wealth ignored Pakistan for its meetings and US Congress assumed a negative image of her. Pakistan succeeded in resuming the previous status. Sanctions after Nuclear Explosion were lifted and Pakistan was given the status on Non-NATO ally. Internally, this spade of Terrorism was used by Martial Law administrator Pervaiz Musharraf in order to prolong his semi-democratic rule. Even the most legal democratic governments, the successors of Mr. Musharraf, are using this card to conceal their incompetence, corruption and inability to deal with different crisis.
Different regional, ethnic and lingual organizations are gaining political benefits from terrorism. Bughti, Mengal and Marri tribe leaders are licking cream from this crisis.
Adversity brings wisdom and a wise learns from it. Terrorism has proved a tough test for the law-enforcement agencies of not only Pakistan but also from all over the world. People realized the importance of well-equipped civil forces. Police was poorly equipped in past but today most of the terrorist attacks on certain government installations have been dealt successfully by Police with modern and latest weapons and vehicles. Police and other law-enforcement agencies are improving their-selves according to new challenges.
Media is fed by crisis. Terrorism has benefited Media and media has benefited terrorism. Bruno S. Frey of the University of Zurich and Dominic Rohner of Cambridge University have taken this stance while writing a paper in a newspaper that the benefits of Terrorism are reciprocal for both the Media and the terrorists. They are of the view that “reports of terror attacks increase newspaper sales and the number of television viewers.” While the terrorists and their anti-social activities get publicity, free of cost. Eric Hobsbawm, a famous British historian and author also stated in his book “Globalization, Democracy and Terrorism” that terrorism could be discouraged if the “publicity oxygen” is not provided by the media. The Coalition Support Fund (CSF) and the Pakistan Capacity Building Fund (PCBF) were two major sectors among others where US-Pakistan cooperation and coordination helped out Pakistan. According to the British newspaper Guardian, since 1948 the US military assistance to Pakistan has exceeded $21.3 billion.
The fluidity of the ground situation let not conclude definite about the predictability of the long-term consequences of the contemporary economic, social, political or religious condition of the country. Neither it could be predicted that Pakistan would improve, learn and benefited by this cruel adversity of Terrorism. Nations learn from wars and fight adversities with courage never be yielded. One can hope that Pakistan and people would turn the most dis-advantage into an advantage INSHAA-ALLAH.


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