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ME countries providing funds to religious seminaries, Senate told
Afghans prepare for ‘dream’ World Cup debut
NZ win series despite 34 run loss in final ODI
KP govt refers 423 cases for trial by military courts
SA session adjourned before any proceedings as most members absent


White House declines to call Afghan Taliban ‘terrorists’

AFP_WASHINGTON: The White House on Thursday declined to describe Afghanistan’s Taliban as a te ...

Indian woman who alleges rape sues Uber in US court

AFP_NEW DELHI: A woman who alleges an Uber driver raped her in the Indian capital has sued the onlin ...

Car bomb, rockets kill 26 in Egypt’s Sinai

Cairo: Militants fired a barrage of rockets and set off a car bomb Thursday killing at least 26 peop ...

Armed man interrupts Dutch TV before being overpowered

The Hague: An armed man disrupted Dutch television on Thursday evening when he entered the building ...

US-led air strikes hit IS targets in Syria and Iraq

WASHINGTON: The United States and coalition partners launched six air strikes against Islamic State ...


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