Saturday, May 27, 2017

Some countries covertly helping terrorist networks: Jahid

MAHMOOD RAQI (Pajhwok): Militants with the support of some countries trying to capture some areas and block highways, an attempt they would never succeed do so, Interior Minister Taj Mohammad Jahid has said.

Pakistan and some other countries covertly supported rebel groups and intended to increase their support to play major role in regional politics, he said on Thursday during a trip to central Kapisa province to assess the security situation.

Jahid said Afghan security forces with the support of people were fully prepared to foil the nefarious designs of the enemy. The minister did not name any other country without Pakistan that supported terrorism in Afghanistan. He avoided naming which areas and highways the insurgents tried to capture and block.

Governor Mohammad Khalid Hashami demanded the deployment of more police into Kapisa to improve the security situation and protect the natural resources of the province.

Jahid pledged to increase the number of police in the province.

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