Saturday, May 27, 2017


The British parties’ manifestos tell a new tale of political division.

For most of his life, Donald Trump has found words to be his friends. He has used them to build his business, dramatise his achievements and embellish his accomplishments.

Today’s visit to Riyadh by US President Donald Trump, his first foreign tour since taking office, has been a cause for concern for Iran and those associated with it.

Even after abandoning its empire, the United Kingdom hesitated for decades to join Europe.

At the end of her election manifesto launch press conference in Halifax, British Prime Minister Theresa May was asked whether the document she had just launched embodied something we could now desc

The best way to maintain the essential credibility of federal law enforcement in the United States would be for President Donald Trump to name a Democrat to run the Federal Bureau of Investigation

As German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron warmly embraced in Berlin on Monday, one widespread narrative was that, for all the Frenchman’s chutzpah, he was the much wea

The result of Iran’s presidential elections will come out later today.

Try and get a haircut on any afternoon in the Spanish capital, buy a postage stamp, or do banking across mainland Spain, and you’re out of luck once the clock hits 2pm.

For most of Barack Obama’s presidency, the “pivot to Asia,” negotiating the Iran nuclear deal and escaping Middle East turmoil engulfed US policy in the region.