Saturday, May 27, 2017

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Afghanistan must be on board

Afghanistan must be on board
The recent moot in Moscow between Russia, China and Pakistan to discuss the future of Afghanistan can be termed as a failed moot because the very country, in this case Afghanistan was not present at the event. Not j

Jalil Afridi
Washington, D.C.: According to reliable sources a local journalist from Pakistan Cyril Almeida whose name was recently placed on Exit Control List ( ECL) seems to have been used by member of the ruling PML(N)

A growing chorus of politicians and national security experts have questioned whether it would be safe to have Donald Trump’s finger on the nuclear button. But are they asking the right question? In an open letter, 50 leading Republican na

When it was all over, the score went something like this: Donald Trump: 40. Hillary Clinton: 1. That was my rough calculation anyway, of the times that Trump interrupted Clinton, and vice-versa, during the first presidential debate on Monday nig

Mr Sadik Girgin trying to wake us up - Jalil's Life

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